Stages & Risers

TPS has been building stages and risers since 1988. Whether you need a 4' x 4' riser or a 60' x 40' concert stage, we can do it. Since we use a modular system, we are able to build stages in a variety of different configurations. The height of our stages can be anywhere from 7 inches to 7 feet, in 1-inch increments and will adapt to any ground slope. Our equipment is strong enough to hold a car, if that's what you need.

Do you need a fashion show runway? We can build it in either the standard "T" configuration or even "I" or "L" configurations. Do you need temporary choral risers for your event? With our system we are able to build tiered risers of any length, height and number of levels. Do you have a press conference coming up and need a camera platform or press riser? We can do it. Want to show off the wedding party? We can build a multi-tiered head table riser. Some of the other configurations that are possible include: wheelchair ramps, tiered theater seating, elevated platforms and multi-level production stages.

All of our stages include skirting and a stair unit. If you want to dress it up, we can cover it with plush carpet. Take a look at our pictures to see some of the stages we have customized.

Along with our stages, we can provide non-load bearing stage covers. These are good for outdoor events such as concerts and rallies. The stage covers are available in 3 sizes: 30' x 20', 40' x 30' and 40' x 40'. We can also provide tents as stage covers.